Urban Gardening: Successful Gardening in Large Cities by their citizens.

Have you always wanted to plant your own organic Fruits & Vegetables, but didn’t think it was possible cause you lived in a big city? I’m happy to announce to you that Urban Gardening is not only possible, people have been doing it for decades in other countries and eating better then they had in previous years. The best example of successful urban gardening is taking place in Havana, Cuba. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba lost a major provider of aid to their country and people began to starve.

The Cuban government told the citizens of Cuba to plant crops and any available land in the country that wasn’t occupied by someone else. At first there was a rough transition, but after a few years the country began to thrive. The people all grow their food locally and don’t waste any money on transporting it from long distances. Below is a video that discusses how Cuba has been come the first true success story in the Urban Gardening movement.

After seeing this news story about how successful Cuba has made with their urban gardening project. It really opened my eyes on the possibilities of this innovate type of food production. Keep in mind that this is a large scale operation, but all these families that participate in the type of gardening eat far better than they did before the collapse of communism. It really gives people confidence that their urban gardening will also produce a sustainable food resource in the event of a food crisis in America.

Disclaimer: I do not support the Cuban government’s political party. The only reason that this was posted is because the People of Cuba have done an amazing job of creating a sustainable Urban Gardening lifestyle that is fully independent of imported produce. This video really left a powerful impression on me and I hope you also enjoyed it. It shows that if a community bans together, people are capable of overcoming many obstacles with innovative thinking and teamwork.

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