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Since National Geographic began airing “Doomsday Preppers” we have had a large influx of new customers that have realized the legitimate threats to our way of life.  Many of the people featured on the show have gone to great lengths to protect their families from many doomsday scenarios (solar flares, economic collapses, Asteroids).  While we don’t always agree with how these event’s will unfold, there is no question that there is a need to prepare for any potential Doomsday event that could happen in future. Episode 6 featured a man that stockpiling enough seeds to be able to grow his own fruits & vegetables once his stored food supply begins to run out.  This is the exact reason why I created Heirloom Seed, and I’m happy to hear that there are others who realize the importance of an emergency supply of heirloom seeds.

Adding one of our kits to your doomsday plan is one of the most affordable and practical ways to ensure your family will thrive through a food crisis lasting longer than your stockpiled food can sustain your family.  In response to the recent requests of our customers, we have added  an Economy Heirloom Seed Bank to our line of seed banks for only $34.95.  This smaller kit can provide enough food to plant a large garden, and was created to fit any budget.


Our Deluxe Seed Bank, and Standard Seed Bank provides a much larger amount of seeds.  This month we are offering a special Buy 2 Deluxe Heirloom Seed Banks, Get one Free offer that can save you over $100 dollars! There are enough seeds in these kits to grow over an acre of food, and also allow you to trade seeds with others as a form of currency.  If a food crisis were to occur, seeds would dramatically increase in value and could become one of the most valuable commodities a Doomsday Prepper can have.  Heirloom Seeds Provide a renewable food resource, because they produce seeds that can be harvested and used during the next growing season. Seeds purchased from your local Wallmart are hybrid seeds, which don’t produce seeds that can be used during the next growing season.

We would like to thank National Geographic for airing Doomsday Preppers to help educate people of the dangers that exist to our species survival.  There are been many bloggers that have been predicting these scenarios for years, and now that a creditable media source is addressing these problems, people are beginning to prepare for the worst case scenarios.  We encourage you to check out our website and  select an heirloom seed bank that is right for you.  It’s an affordable way to give yourself peace of mind.  Below is an excerpt from the show where they discuss the importance Heirloom Seeds can play in a scenario where food cannot be purchased from the local store.  This is just one of many possible scenarios of why an heirloom seed bank should be part of every household in America.

Doomsday Preppers Episode 6:  Seed Story Begins 17 Minutes into the episode

Here is the video and links to our most popular Heirloom Seed Banks

Economy Heirloom Seed Bank

Standard Heirloom Seed Bank

Deluxe Heirloom Seed Bank

Buy 2 Deluxe Heirloom Seed Banks, Get 1 FREE!

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