Heirloom Seed Banks was created from someone just like you. An average American concerned about the potential risk of a World Wide Food crisis. If you’ve found this website, then you definitely know the multiple factors that are making this possible in the foreseeable future. We are all aware of Global Warming, Economic Crisis that threatens to collapse our global economy,growing world populations and the upcoming changes peak oil will have on food production.

After I educated myself and accepted that these dangers I realized this wasn’t something I could simply choose to ignore. This wasn’t conspiracy theory, it was conspiracy fact and I needed to start ensure that my family will have access to food if a Nation wide food shortage were to happen.

My parents have had a stand at our local farmers markets for years, and with their help I’ve been able to comprise a heirloom seed bank comprised of 33 different varieties of Non-Hybrid seeds to offer my customers. These seeds are hand packed in separate bags, then packaged in Mylar lined containers to preserve these seeds for up to 5 years. I believe in this product so much that I offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! All orders processed with in 24 Hours, You will receive a tracking number after your order is processed and shipped.

We can’t say with certainty what the future will bring, but I feel confident that my family is protected from a food shortage. A renewable food resource is extremely vital to survive a crisis if one were to occur. I encourage you to explore this website and visit our blog to better understand why a heirloom food bank should be owned by
every family in America.

Below you will find answers to our most Frequently Answered Questions. If there is a question you I haven’t included, please submit it to the contact us page.

How long does it take to receive my heirloom seed bank after it’s ordered?

All seed bank orders will be shipped the following day, and will arrive in 2-3 business days. We use USPS to ship your order and provide tracking information on your package. We offer Free Shipping for all orders except international shipments.

What makes your seed bank better than your competitors?

The seed collection I have selected for my seed banks had a variety of easy to grow fruits & vegetables. I’ve also included legumes that are packed with protein. Most seed banks don’t offer beans, and lack protein that’s essential during a food shortage when meat isn’t readily available.

How do you process your payments?

We process all of our payments using Paypal and PsBill. You can use our Paypal gateway using any major credit card or active Paypal account.

How long can my seed bank be stored?

These seeds can be stored up to 5 years if stored at room temperature and kept away from direct contact with moisture. We guarantee our seed banks for 5 years, and offer a money back or replacement guarantee. The seeds contained in our kits can last well over 5 years if stored in a basement, freezer or refrigerator. I have had seeds stored for nearly 10 years come out of the freezer and still germinate! So it really depends on your method of storage. I prefer the freezer, but a basement of cool place will also be sufficient .

How are these seeds different than the ones they sell at the super store?

All of the seeds we carry are heirloom, and not genetically modified. Genetically modified seeds are sterile and unable to produce fruit or vegetables with fertile seeds. Our non-hybrid seeds will produce seeds that can be harvested and used for the next growing season.